Solving One Problem. Badly.

As you know, I have a particular problem with the infinity that occurs when e-mails provide a Web version of the e-mail with a link to a Web version of the e-mail.

Fox eliminates that problem in this e-mail in a creative fashion:

This link....
Click for full size

There’s the link in the e-mail.  Does it appear in the Web version?

... is not in the Web version!
Click for full size

Hey, the View it in your Web browser link is gone.  Good work, Fox Broadcasting.

You know how you catch this sort of thing?  You promote the e-mail version to the Web before the friendlies go out.  Since your friendlies only lead the actual e-mails by a couple of hours (unless you work at Utopia, where you have until tomorrow as well as no personality conflicts at all nor problems to correct), you can get away with some links to content that hasn’t been promoted yet (if the e-mail touts an upcoming program).

That way, when you test those friendlies, you can test the Web version at the same time.

Another way to catch it: get your own freaking e-mails and look them over.

But to let that go to a 404?  That’s not acceptable.

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