The Secret Seasonings of Punctuation

A Welcome e-mail to the restaurant San Francisco Oven’s e-mail list is chock full of quotation marks and punctuation errors.  For flavor!

The punctuation errors make it tasty.
Click for full size

Let’s see, we have:

  • Extraneous “use” of quotation marks.
  • Periods outside of quotation marks in the British style.  I doubt this was a stylistic decision.  I bet it’s using the American style wrong.
  • Inconsistent use of periods (or lack thereof) in the first paragraph.
  • In addition to “extraneous” use of quotation marks, we have a stray quotation mark.

Speaking forensically, what was missing from the process responsible for this?

  • A professional copywriter.
  • A proofreader.
  • Review by anyone who uses English as a native language as opposed to whatever argot the damn kids speak or text these days.

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