Another Case of Craigslist Job Posting Backlash

In the St. Louis area, another job seeker has lashed out at someone looking to hire.  In this case, someone specific.

The job posting:

 Looking for a Flash developer.  Or are they?
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In the interest of full disclosure, I have had some dealings with the recruiting company in question, and, boy, they sure are recruiters over there.

The riposte:

You're measured words convince me.
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In which the $60 an hour designer, or the person who would be a $60 an hour designer if anyone hired him or her, shows a stunning grasp of the English language.  It sure left me speechless.  Let’s see, what is that, 19 grammatical mistakes in the rant?  I’m only skimming here.

Sounds like a lot of designers.  Put them words in your pretty Web sites and see who notices.  Probably nobody in IT but the QA you cannot afford since you’re paying the designers $60 an hour.  Or would if they had their way.

UPDATE: The next day, the following response to the response appeared:

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The recruiter, the friend of the recruiter, or another catty designer?  You decide!

2 Responses to “Another Case of Craigslist Job Posting Backlash”

  1. strazzerj Says:

    Deziners dont need no speling ur gramer.

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