Exciting Job Opportunities

I think some HR people and consulting recruiters already have a little cabin fever in Minneapolis.  Two recent job postings seem to indicate something ain’t right.

Job 1: A combination Web developer/shipping and receiving clerk/delivery driver:

 Oh, wait a minute - do I still get to be the janitor?
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Job 2: A Java development position whose consulting company recruiter is only phoning it in.  The headline of the job posting is Date Resource:

Sounds like an escort position of some sort.
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The lede:

Date resource is required: 01/11/2010

Anticipated end date: 05/30/2010

Location: Minneapolis, MN

The vendor is expected to thoroughly screen the candidate to ensure the Self Assessment form is accurately filled out. We have little patience for candidates who have overstated their skill level / experience We are looking for a highly qualified Web Services developer to join an on-going Wachovia, Wells integration project.

Note the admonishment to the recruiter that he or she should pay attention.  You know my position on recruiters, particularly those who post on craigslist.  You are in good hands, applicant.

Hey, speaking of bad craigslist ads, here’s a whole blog of them: You Suck at Craigslist.

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