Not In The Ten Ring

Sobe’s new contest misses it by that much:

A little higher.  Never mind.
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“In the 10 Ring,” he explained to his foreign readers, refers to hitting a bullseye when target shooting.  Sobe missed the frame slightly here when dropping their Flash application onto their Facebook page.

Want to know what else they did wrong with the contest entry?

  • They put the rules in a pop-up window which Internet Explorer blocks since it’s coming from a Flash application.  Instead, they could have put it in a panel in the Flash application.
  • They ask for a phone number, but they don’t tell you what a proper phone number is.  You get to try and err.
  • They don’t enable the Submit button on the Tell a Friend form unless you enter valid e-mail addresses.  The other steps, though, enable the Next/Submit buttons before the user has filled out the form.

Well, it was good enough to separate Sobe from its interactive budget.  Carry on, then!

2 Responses to “Not In The Ten Ring”

  1. scarytester Says:

    That phone thing reminds me of my other pet hate – postcode fields that only accept US-length postcodes of 5 digits, even though it’s an internationally marketed website.

  2. The Director Says:

    Yes, indeed. A lot of Web sites don’t handle international mailing addresses well at all.

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