Designers Don’t Have Enough Stakes To Kill IE 6

Here’s an e-mail that might give hope to Web designers and developers in the world, probably written by a Web designer to boot:

IE 6 is immortal!
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I suspect a Web designer wrote that subject line because he or she left in an extraneous “this” and misspelled, “Yay!”

I can understand the glee.  Hopefully with Gmail dropping IE6 support, they can, too!  If they even think about anything but Safari or Chrome.

However, as a reminder, IE 6 has a 20% share of the browser market in this January of the year of Our Lord 2010 according to Net Market Share.  More than Firefox.  5 times that of Chrome.

If your site or application doesn’t handle it, you’re going to strand a lot of users.

2 Responses to “Designers Don’t Have Enough Stakes To Kill IE 6”

  1. dez Says:

    Are you sure that isn’t a headline that got chopped off?

    Looks like it should say “Gmail to drop IE6 support this year”

    In that case wouldn’t the program that’s displaying the headline be the cause of the problem in limiting the number of characters to a random arbitrary number? (34?)

  2. The Director Says:

    No, of course not. Thinking like that doesn’t give you the jumping off point for this post.

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