Think Of It As Decals On Your Fuselage Of Programs You Crashed

Steven Den Beste finds a common error with programs that write their icons to the Windows system tray:

Every time I start playing a new file, it spawns another icon in the tray. There’s only one copy of it running, and if I run my mouse pointer over them then all the phantom icons will disappear.

Let me put on my developer hat here: That’s not a bug, it’s a feature! Yeah, it tells you how many files you’ve played since you’ve moused over the system tray! I’m marking the defect RESOLVED: NOT A BUG!

As one of his commenters mentions and my experience indicates, this happens sometimes when low rent applications ab-end. And I include Yahoo! Messenger in the low end category.

Which brings me to a good testing point: So, what happens when you kill your desktop application from the task manager? Does it leave connections on the database open? Does it leave stray icons? Try it and find out. You might like it better if you know the UNIX term for it: kill.

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