That’s Not The Friendlies List, Josh

Josh at Mediababy LLC makes a mistake:

Josh sends out a beta e-mail.

Click for full size

Well, Josh, since you went through all the trouble to send me your beta e-mail, here are a couple things:

  • Your View as Web page offering needs work; the heading is not centered, etc.
  • Capitalization of your alt text should match the images or captions.
  • Your boilerplate footer has hard line breaks and does not stretch the width of the e-mail body.
  • A box surrounds supporter image in Firefox, but not IE (applies to Web mail only, but might impact Thunderbird vs. Office).
  • I did not sign up with Media Baby. You bought my e-mail from a list. Don’t lie to me.

Better luck with the next iteration, but if you want me to recheck or to review your future efforts, please contact me professionally (info available on the Sez Who? page) instead of sending your friendlies out to the list you purchased.

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