The Purpose Of Integrating Social Media Into Client Websites

The author of this piece doesn’t get it:

By focusing solely on social media’s features, Owyang continues to perpetuate the pervasive illusion that, if we choose the right tools, our customers will converse with us, talk about us, and share our content.

You know. The “hyperbole, artifical branding, and pro-corporate content” most of our websites still feature.

The relevancy of our corporate websites is not dependent whatsoever on which social media widgets have been deployed throughout the site. Its relevancy is driven by our site content, no matter who is creating it. And that content requires as much, if not more, strategic planning and consistent oversight as do our social media initiatives.

The goal of any site development is not to provide quality, usable, and relevant content for users on behalf of the client. The goal of any contract work is to separate the client from its budget, as much as possible and as easily as possible. And grafting in a Twitter feed dependent upon a site that fails daily? Easy and expensive.

(Link seen on the Twitterverse.)

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