A Thought For The Project Manager In Your Life

From Forbes:

Charlie Wohlstetter, who heads up Continental Telephone, passed on to us this anecdote, which I find most apropos at this time as forecasts shower down on all our hapless heads: “Some years ago Herman Kahn told me of the rabbi who was present at the creation. After the sixth day, when the Lord was resting, he looked at his handiwork and turned to the rabbi and asked, ‘Well, Rabbi, what do you think? Are you optimistic or pessimistic?’ The rabbi hesitated, frowned deeply, shook his head and clucked his tongue and finally said to the Lord, ‘Well, I’m optimistic.’ And the Lord, in surprise, said, ‘Well, if you’re optimistic, why are you frowning?’ And the rabbi said, ‘I’m frowning because I believe my optimism is unjustified.'”
— Malcolm Forbes (1983)

If it’s not a thought your project manager has, it’s a thought he or she should have. Daily.

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