An Ad Targeted Specifically To Neo

Since he’s the only one who can just read the Matrix, I guess he’s the one this ad is targeted to:

Might as well be 0s and 1s
Click for full size

As you all know, if I were in charge, those little ad insertion routines would check to see if it had something valid to return before it dumped its garbage or broken image icon on the screen. But do you know why they don’t? The same reason every other mid to small software company puts out junk: there’s no retribution from the users. Newspaper and other Web sites throw up a bunch of crap that leaks memory and occasionally delivers a touch of malware, and their hands are clean, since it’s a case of their ad rotators having problem. The blame is thus diffused so as to not be painful or otherwise actionable.

(Thanks to reader “Kip Steele.” That sounds like a testing name to me. At the top of my resume, I put the pseudonym “Mal V. Zance” myself.)

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