Answering My Own QA Interview Question

On Twitter, I posted the following question for QA candidates: Are you more like Axel Foley or Fletch?

QA is more Fletch.

  • Fletch has a more developed sense of alternative workflows. Sure, Foley is very quick with a story to further his ends, but those are pretty shallow stories easily discarded. Fletch, on the other hand, really inhabits the raiments of the alter-egos, whether it’s a plane mechanic, a medical doctor, or an insurance investigator. Even when he’s not officially on the job, Fletch uses his daydreams as exercises to understand the experiences of other people and other professions and how they do what they do. These talents come in handy when the software tester and QA analyst try to get into the minds and workflows of consumers, chemical engineers, librarians, data modelers, and the myriad other people who will use the software who are not software development professionals.
  • Fletch is not part of the power structure. Foley is part of the enabling power structure that, but for his guile, is clueless and laughable. Fletch is an outsider and can not only stand apart from the power structure, but he can critique it forcefully when it’s corrupt. A QA person should not engrain himself or herself in the sales/project management/development axis. He or she needs to have the distance to say, “Hey, this whole thing sucks rocks.”
  • Fletch works well with deadlines. He’s a newspaperman, used to frequent milestones, and no matter how he says he’s not going to make it, he does. Foley moves at his own pace.
  • Foley takes vacation to further his own pursuits when he’s needed on the job.

I could go on, but I think you get my point. Both of them have snazzy Harold Faltermeyer themes, but one of them is better for QA. Foley is flash, but Fletch is your candidate.

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