I’m Such A Harpist, I Ought To Be In The Symphony

Another Web study shows that IE 6 is still alive and thrashing on the Internet especially in corporate America :

Security experts, industry analysts and even Microsoft recommend that IT departments upgrade Internet Explorer 6, yet new research shows that while there may have recently been a mock funeral for the aging browser, IE6 is still around and doing well, especially during standard business hours.

Chitika, a search-based online advertising network, conducted a study recently to learn the hour-by-hour market share of some of the leading Internet browsers. The study showed that IE6 ranked fourth among all browsers, grabbing 13% of usage during what many consider peak business hours.

I’m about to go into a project where I pressed the client to get a list of its client’s browser requirements beforehand. Shockingly, to them, the ultimate client used IE6. So I’ve pressed the development team to look at it in IE6 before turning it over to me for testing. If all goes according to prophecy, and by “prophecy” I mean the way it usually goes, they won’t, and I’ll have to load the defect tracker with IE 6 issues.

Just because Google said IE 6 was dead does not make it true.

(Link seen on Andrew Richards‘s Twitter feed.)

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