An Option For Waldo

The most interesting option that I have ever seen for a Country drop-down list resides over on the Search Open Jobs page in the employment section of Omnicom Group (hi, guys!).

To find it, click the Select Locations link beside the State/Province edit box. A new window opens with a Country drop-down list to narrow things down a bit.

Unless you select this option:

Unknown, but outside of USA
Click for full size

Now what would prompt someone to select Unknown, but outside of USA?

  • It’s for Waldo of Where’s Waldo fame.
  • It’s for job seekers coming off of a bender.
  • It’s for job seekers using the Internet wi-fi on a cruise ship.
  • It’s for job seekers who have been kidnapped by guerrillas and possibly moved over an international border.

Add your own speculation in the comments.

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