Testing Ability: Blessing or Curse?

I’ve lamented on Twitter recently that the innate ability to break software is as much a curse as a blessing. When I’m trying to use software, it breaks.

Case in point: I went out and bought Adobe Acrobat 9, shelling out the big $250 to support a project that will net me only a little more than that, and when I tried to use it on the single file I needed to modify, Adobe Acrobat crashed to the desktop without a by-your-leave. You bet I sent those crash reports to Microsoft automatically so they could snicker about Acrobat.

Secondly, I lassoed a couple of files on the desktop and dragged them to the recycle bin, and they were no longer available to delete, but were caught between the dimensions like Captain Kirk in The Tholian Web. They flickered in the corner of the screen regardless of what application covered the desktop:

Rig the transporter to somehow beam those icons to the recycling bin
Click for full size

I had to restart to clean them up.

Is it that I am just that good, or is it that software sucks in 2010? More plaintively, I raise my eyes to the heavens and ask, “Why does the That Will Never Happen keep happening to me?”

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