They Wonder Why The Campaign’s Response Rate Is So Low

Reader Dave H. sends in this sample e-mail:

Hey, an e-mail with free stuff
Click for full size

Click that free reward button, and you get a reward all right. If you’re a tester, you want no bigger reward than a stack trace:

Click for full size

As I mention ad nauseum (disclosure: Pepto Bismol pays me to do things ad nauseum), when you’re doing an e-mail campaign or working with an application that triggers the e-mails, you always need to send the e-mail to yourself to test it. Click the dagnabbitic links, dagnabbit.

In the interactive world, they call the test e-mail sent through the bulk e-mails the friendlies, which is exactly what I would call a horror film about QA: “The Friendlies”. At least that’s what they called them where I worked. Apparently, the agency behind this campaign never heard of them. Or they’ve seen the script for my film and think that sending out friendlies is akin to saying “Candyman” the third time.

Regardless. Test your e-mails. Click the links. Period.

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