TroyBilt, QAHYBroke

The TroyBilt Web site, particularly the part that allows you to buy parts for your TroyBilt outdoor maintenance equipment, drove me crazy when I tried to use it.

Here’s just one of many things awry:

Is that a pattern to match in your label, or are you just happy to see me?
Click for full size

Note the pattern provided by the phone number. In some phone numbers, parentheses go around the area code here in the United States. Because I am that way, I put parentheses around the whole thing to see what would happen. It gave me the above error message.

I fixed it. Then, as I was trying to opt into the newsletter to take a look at it and see if it was worthy of mockery, I entered an e-mail address and a password. The application returned new error messages from the server-side to tell me I needed a number in the password. So I cleared it out and tried again, but because it was server-side, it abandoned my credit card information, so I had to type that back in. Finally, I successfully ordered an out-of-date part I found looking at exploded diagrams of my new tiller which I rendered inoperative within 10 minutes of firing it up. The listing for the part told me the part was out of date, but I’ll be hung if I was going to spend any more time fishing around on the site to find it since it did not provide me a link to the updated part.

Gah. I feel bad for professionals who have to deal with that particular utility daily.

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