Free E-mail List. Some Assembly Required.

You know, gentle reader, that I like to click the View as Web page link that I see in e-mail campaigns to see how they bollix it up.

You know, by including the link to see the Web page representing an e-mail as a Web page or including unsubscribe links when the static Web page that all viewers who click through see. Or to fail catastrophically like the guys at The Web Corner do with their Ace Hardware e-mails.

Here’s my e-mail as displayed as a Web page:

My coupon
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Huh, it’s got my e-mail address in it, and I don’t see my e-mail address in the querystring. What I do see is a couple of numbers. And if I change one of those numbers….

Someone else's coupon
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Hey, that ain’t me.

Okay, guys, what lessons have we been shown today that they will not learn this time, either?

  • Maybe you should check to see if someone has rights to see something if they alter the querystring by changing an obvious parameter.
  • Test your view as Web page option in your e-mails to see if maybe you’ve messed it up.

4 Responses to “Free E-mail List. Some Assembly Required.”

  1. jstrazzere Says:

    Nice catch!

  2. The Director Says:

    Sadly, altering the querystring should be a stock test case as it’s another interface into the application.

    I didn’t do anything clever, particularly.

  3. jstrazzere Says:

    I agree that this should be standard practice for testing email campaigns. But as you point out in many of your blog posts, it’s pretty clear that most aren’t being tested much, if at all.

    What you show in this post is what can be found easily in the hands of a professional tester.

  4. The Director Says:

    Testing anything, actually. Not just e-mail campaigns.

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