I was reviewing this user interface designed in an old technology, when suddenly I was struck by the infeasibility of the maxlengths assigned to the fields:

Cruise for youse with early AOL e-mail addresses
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That’s a maximum e-mail address of 20 characters. Chop 4 or 5 off for the domain extension, the dot, and the @ sign and suddenly you’re limited to a username and a domain name of 15-16 characters. If you’re not at MSN or AOL and an early adopter at that, you’d better hope that they call you on the phone if you’ve won.

Okay, aside from that, what’s the other problem on the page?

8 Responses to “About Those MAXLENGTHS”

  1. jstrazzere Says:

    I don’t see any other problem.

    But then I am both interested and not interested in joining The Godfather’s eClub. Youse gut a problem wit dat?

  2. The Director Says:

    I’ll give you a hint. It’s a logic problem.

    I’ll post the answer later or tomorrow. Let’s give the other people who read but don’t comment a chance.

  3. dsynadinos Says:

    Something to do with the fact that “you must be 18 years or older…” and there is no “Birthday – Year” field?

  4. dsynadinos Says:

    Wait…I got it! Godfather’s pizza discontinued extra large pepperoni!

  5. The Director Says:

    That counts as extra since that’s not what I spotted. Good job.

  6. JulieR Says:

    That’s a pretty long phone field for someone who can’t write in a country name.

  7. esdqa Says:

    What dsynadinos said, plus ampersand misuse.

  8. The Director Says:

    Well, the answer I was looking for is that the instructions say use ALL capital letters, which would preclude punctuation (dots, @ symbols, and dashes in the phone number).

    But good on yas for finding your own.

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