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I Hate Autorefreshing Pages

Thursday, August 5th, 2010 by The Director

Newspapers and whatnot seem to love their auto-refreshing pages these days just so they can get additional pageviews in and rotate ads. However, I end up opening a bunch of articles in new tabs, and the auto-refresh feature chokes the machine’s resources. If I or the offending newspaper site loses connectivity, the pages refresh themselves into “Cannot load page” messages.

Or sometimes a helpful message that my Web browser cannot handle it:

Download an older version, please
Click for full size

I’m running the latest Firefox. The problem lies on your end, St. Louis Post-Dispatch. And if you hadn’t insisted on the refresh, we would not have had it at all.

Wherein I Leave Windows Sockets Speechless

Wednesday, August 4th, 2010 by The Director

Check out this alert dialog box I got the other day:

I dumbfounded the OS

It cannot believe that in 2010, someone is trying to install a Windows 3.11/Windows 95 compatible clip art browsing program that wants to use a 14,400 BPS modem to contact CompuServe on installation. I didn’t even tell it that I was a trained IT professional, which might have caused Windows Sockets to silently faint.

The 16-bit virtualization engine actually fainted dead away, which is why you cannot see its icon on the list of active taskbar items even though it’s there:

Someone get the smelling salts for that poor VM

I would make some crack about the applications coming to me to die, but I’m the one who’s trying to get it to read punchcards, for crying out loud. It’s not handling the failure elegantly, though.

So, Do You Test Your Meta Content?

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010 by The Director

When you’re building a Web site or application, do you check your pages’ meta content?

Neither do the people behind the MyFox channels’ Web sites like MyFoxPhilly or MyFoxNY:

Click for full size

Remember, those meta things show up a lot of places. People see it in search results, social networking site summaries, RSS, and so on. If you’re misspelling something or dumping a null in it, that’s gonna leave its mark.

Would it hurt you to view source now and then? I think not.

IE 9 Is Coming

Monday, August 2nd, 2010 by The Director

Microsoft slates IE9 beta for September.

It will be interesting on how this shakes out. Will it finally inspire corporations to move completely from IE 6? Or will it only add a new IE to our testing plan as the new release cannibalizes from IE 7 and 8?

A lot of management types will hope this provides a stake for the old IE 6, but I tend to think it will prove an upgrade for organizations that already upgrade.

Still, something to which you will want to pay attention to and for which you will need to account in your test plans.

QA Music – Are You Ready To Rock

Monday, August 2nd, 2010 by The Director

The eternal dilemma of QA: Did we go to the school of hard knocks, or are we the school of hard knocks that dev goes to?

Silly question. The former, obviously, since dev never learns.

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