The Best Volunteers Money Can Buy

MelBugai asked:

Anyone seen this software testing company before? I’m so very skeptical,

A testing company that uses a number instead of a word in its name? Dubious. One looking for resources, and by “resources,” I mean “Volunteers”:

Now seeking expert volunteers
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I could do actual work for you, and I get to include that on my resume? Let me think about that. Sounds about as much fun as testing an open source project, except with the knowledge that you’re making money from my servitude.

I just have to ask you one question: if you’re hiring experienced tester who are working for free even though you’re paying for it, what sort of service do you think you’re getting?

One Response to “The Best Volunteers Money Can Buy”

  1. Eusebiu Blindu Says:

    Yeah its same as a beta testers. If you get no money the laziness will prevent you a lot of times to report an issue even if its a big bug

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