Answering My Own Interview Question

Yesterday, I betweeted:

Proper interview question for software testers: Are you more like the Cat in the Hat or more like the fish?

Those of you who are familiar with the story know what I’m talking about. Those of you unfamiliar with the story need to catch up. Go ahead, meet that special someone, get married, procreate, and read your spawn that book 100 times. I’ll wait.

Okay, done? Here we go.

I’ll sum up for those of you who, instead of properly schooling up for the question as mentioned above, just continued reading. Two children sit in their home on a wet, wet day and wonder what to do. In comes the Cat in the Hat, spawning mayhem, while the fish points out that the cat should not be there and should not do what he is doing. Now.

Am I more like the Cat in the Hat or the fish?

I have elements of both.

The Cat in the Hat is chaos and all sorts of unexpected behavior. I have a great ability to look into an application or a process to find the unexpected places you can go with them and to exercise that disruptive influence to make sure that the problems get identified and fixed.

On the other hand, the fish is an enforcer, as much as a fish can be, of the rules and strictures offered by requirements or formal processes. I like to hammer on these, too, whenever possible.

However, I’ve worked mostly for smaller firms with fewer formal processes (and requirements? What are those?), so I’ve acted more Cat in the Hattish throughout my career. Plus, I’ve had people under me, so I’ve experience opening a couple boxes of Thing 1 and Thing 2 as needed.

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