He’s Not QA

Sounds like a Google Site Reliability Expert got into trouble:

Google this week confirmed that it fired an engineer who accessed the Gmail and Google Voice accounts of several minors and taunted those children with the information he uncovered.

David Barksdale worked in Google’s Kirkland, Wash. office as a site reliability engineer, where he had access to user accounts. As first reported by Gawker, Barksdale accessed the Gmail and Google Voice accounts of several teenagers he met through a local technology group, and made them aware of the data he’d uncovered.

The title sounds like it might be related to performance testing or something, but it’s not:

Google.com site reliability engineering: Google Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) consists of software and systems engineers worldwide who specialize in troubleshooting, tools development, and production systems automation. As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will consult with software engineering teams during the development cycle to help developers understand and comply with our architectural guidelines for reliability, speed, and scalability. You will help manage ongoing capacity planning to handle Google’s rapid traffic growth and global expansion. You will also partner with software engineering teams during the launch, deployment, and maintenance of new products and services. With your depth knowledge of optimization, traffic load balancing, and system enhancements, you will be there to manage and maintain services, ensuring their reliability and availability for hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

QA does not taunt children except those adult juveniles in the development department. Like Site Reliability Engineers.

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