How Can You Tell An Experienced Automated Tester?

How can you tell an experienced automated tester from either an automated testing software solution vendor or someone who’s heard a buzzword dog whistle and is salivating on cue at the chance to work somewhere that’s included Automated Testing on a job posting?

An experienced automated tester is going to spend more time trying to tell you what automated testing isn’t instead of what it is. Because you’ve probably got a pie-in-the-sky you’re slicing to share for dessert.

Cue Trisherino:

I think people have a tendency to greatly underestimate the difficulty of writing a good GUI-automation suite. It’s not as simple as record and playback, and it’s not like building regular software.

I’ve seen experienced developers underestimate it many times. Inevitably, they end up getting very frustrated and complaining about how rubbish the automation tools are. And yes, the poor quality of automation tools is definitely part of the problem. Developers are used to using very polished tools, lovingly crafted by developers, for developers. Testers are used to using either bloated overpriced commercial tools, condescendingly oversimplified so that “anyone” can use them, or well-meaning but under-maintained free tools, struggling to keep up with the latest technologies.

What she said.

You know why developers are so hot for automated testing? They’re used to thinking they can push software around. Unlike some QA people who refuse to be intimidated by their obvious GENIUSSSS!

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