Some Epic Failures

Computer World lists 11 bugs that were a big deal.

You know which bugs are a big deal? Those criticals atop your list that development is going to play dev tracker games with since they’re not sure they’ll get to fixing them before launch. But here are some of my favorites I’ve found:

  • Trying to print something from the application rebooted my workstation. Every time. Seems my Java version and my print driver weren’t playing with the application so well. However, since it was just my machine, no need to fix it! That’s the very attitude that kept me from being a stock option millionaire by now. Thanks, guys.
  • Sketching a molecule that’s 1 mile wide or that has two bonds to a hydrogen atom blows the software up.Who would do such a thing? Someone making a mistake. I’m pretty sure they fixed that.
  • The site bombs out with a few users after a couple seconds. Seems each page on the site wanted to validate schema with W3C, and after a couple pages in a couple seconds, W3C doesn’t want to talk to your DDOS zombie any more. They fixed it after trying to say it was a problem with the test environment.

What are some of your epic bugs?

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