What’s Missing From This Picture?

QAHY quick quiz! What’s missing from this e-mail?

Blues clues?
Click for full size

Need a hint? Okay, if you fill out the form available here, the thank you page looks like this:

Blues thank yous
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So what’s missing from these items?

UPDATE A couple of you guys got it right out of the box: the asterisk appears on both items, but the footnote identifying the limitations does not.

You not only have to look at what’s before you when testing, but you have to look at what’s missing. You get that with not only experience or business knowledge in the area of the software you test, but also from real world experience or business knowledge from outside the domain. The domain can be a blinder, and you have to look above it.

Good work, guys.

2 Responses to “What’s Missing From This Picture?”

  1. esdqa Says:

    Asterisk, probably meant to call out terms and conditions, but no footnote to go with the asterisk?

  2. testeranon Says:

    What is the asterisk referencing? I must know! What do they know about the 2010-2011 season that they’re not telling me?! Is it something I should know before submitting?

    I actually had to let an orphaned asterisk like this slip very recently. The client wanted the caveat removed to emphasize the main message, and argued that the user would understand that there is more to be said and that they should click through to find out. Though in this example it doesn’t seem like there’s more information to be found.

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