CafePress Can Say That Again

When you order something from the QA Hates You swag shop on CafePress, you’ve probably already noted the double Close Window link on the pop-up window when you opt to view the receipt. In case you have not yet finished your Christmas shopping for your team, here’s what I’m talking about:

I would expect that from Little Caesar's Pizza's Web site, but not CafePress
Click for full size

It’s a good opportunity to remind you that every single auxiliary, small time pop-up window in your Web application requires its own testing.

A lot of times, you’re so busy focusing on the major, full size main browser windows that you can miss these bits. Maybe you don’t click the link that launches them, maybe you just make sure it opens as you expect it.

But you have to make sure not only that the data is correct, but that the navigation within it works as well. Make sure the Print link spawns the print dialog. Make sure the close links close the window. Treat it like it were a Web page like any other in your site.

One Response to “CafePress Can Say That Again”

  1. cpattinson Says:

    Testing helps finds the issues, however it is developers who introduce or have to fix bugs. I find it interesting how many customers “blame” QA for poor quality products. QA is a safety net about as effective as the company wants to invest in.

    A recent mantra we’re working on is “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Basically look to the source of bugs and try to improve there. If done well, the QA team can worry less about the basics, and start focusing more on performance and usability of a system. Lots of other quality aspects then functionality.

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