Don’t Overlook Your Headings

As a reminder, when you’re reviewing a Web site (or anything for that matter), don’t overlook your headings. It’s very easy to do when you’re concentrating on copy or on whether the Web page itself looks and works properly, but those poor little textual or image-based headings need some loving, as in QA abusive loving, too.

Don’t be like the people who assembled the JC Penney catalog this week:

The special transposed models also available
Click for full size

Remember to take just a couple seconds to make sure:

  • The words in the heading are spelled correctly.
  • The heading actually applies to the text.
  • The heading corresponds to any anchor tags associated with it.
  • The heading is in the proper font and size for headings (especially if it’s an image).
  • The heading’s structure is parallel with those of equal heading level.
  • The heading’s grammar is correct.
  • alt and title attributes for heading images match the image text.
  • Headings render in the same style across browsers.

They’re just one little aspect of each page, but you and a lot of people in your organization (and your clients and audience) might overlook them. Everyone else has an excuse to do so. You, QA, do not.

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