I Didn’t Have Omaha Steaks in the Pool

Right before Thanksgiving, I tweeted:

So who’s running the QA office pool about which Web store fails first from the load on Friday?

I am sad to report I did not have Omaha Steaks in the pool

Omaha Steaks were a hot topic on the Today show earlier this morning. The Today show announced that Omaha Steaks is extending some of the great deals it offered earlier during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The response from viewers was so overwhelming, the Omaha Steaks website crashed for a period of time. Thousands of enthusiastic shoppers looking for deep discounts and free shipping on select steaks had to patiently wait for the Omaha Steaks site to come back up.

The spot was probably available, since no one remembers the middle tier retailers. Kinda like the middle tier retailers never bother to load test.

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