I Wrote The Test Case, But They Said It Would Never Happen In Real Life

An IBM ad with the copy “What 3 million lines of code means to a piece of luggage”:

Your luggage on IBM code
Click for full size

Apparently, somewhere along line 2,999,985, it means your luggage gets sucked into a jet engine, turned into confetti, and sprinkled onto Amsterdam like what Joe Strazzere would call “jimmies.”

There’s a tagline for QA: QA: If We Can Imagine It, Some User Will Accidentally Do It.

6 Responses to “I Wrote The Test Case, But They Said It Would Never Happen In Real Life”

  1. jstrazzere Says:

    Multi-colored jimmies? Bah!

    All New Englanders know that real jimmies are chocolate (or at least brown and chocolate-like), never multi-colored.

    Thankfully, I’ve never tasted luggage-flavored jimmies. Perhaps that’s a European thing.

  2. The Director Says:

    Please remember to send along pictures of yourself turning over and torching a car. Extra credit if it’s a GMC Jimmy.

  3. jstrazzere Says:

    Torching a car? Because of multi-colored jimmies?

    Ya lost me there, Director…

  4. The Director Says:

    Because of the Patriots loss. Remember, to prove your crustiness as opposed to milkytoastedness, you were going to riot?

  5. jstrazzere Says:

    Me, riot? I don’t remember saying I would do that.
    Rioting just isn’t my style. Perhaps crusty isn’t my style, either.

    – M. Toast (tester, non-hater, and all-round good guy)

  6. The Director Says:

    A pity.

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