Last But Not Least

When I as nominating myself as a great tester and hoping to win a free conference, I saw the sort order on the Country list:

Last, but not least, Sweden

Poor Sweden. What did they do to offend Software Test Professionals to be dead last?

Remember, take a look at your Country drop-down lists and make sure they’re sorted right and that they’re spelled right. Look at the VIRGIN ISLANDs BRITISH, for crying out loud.

2 Responses to “Last But Not Least”

  1. jstrazzere Says:

    Those wacky Swedes – always insisting on mixed case, rather than going with the UPPER CASE flow.

    To the back of the list, I say!

  2. The Director Says:

    Notice it’s not the only one out of alphabetical order. And Zimbabwe is not on the list.

    With so many of these lists, the developer copies and pastes them from some other Web page and ends up with crap.

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