I Think Holly McClane Expressed It Best

Tickets.com asks, “Why does this keep happening to us?“:

Back in 2005 the computers system shut down and many fans stood outside for hours in hopes of getting tickets. Workers say the systems are updated and fingers are crossed that there will not be any problems.

After over-whelming demand this weekend for the upcoming Elton John concert, the JQH Arena at Missouri State sent out an apology stating “the interest in the concert created extreme high demand for tickets causing many technical difficulties with internet purchases.”

The statement goes on to say the “Exact causes for the technical hurdles are still being identified to preclude any mishaps in the future.”

Or they should ask themselves that. There’s an obvious answer: they didn’t load test. But why spend money on a load testing solution when the production environment will do the same thing for free?

UPDATE: That went as well as I expected:

Some ticket buyers who tried to buy online at 9 a.m. were either prevented from completing their ticket orders or were sent to a virtual waiting room to wait for their turns to purchase. Others report being approved for tickets but getting an error message after they finished entering their names and credit card numbers.

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