QA Immortal

A new study indicates that quality assurance professionals might be the first immortals:

Personality can affect longevity — those with the most optimism and cheerfulness die younger than their less positive counterparts, U.S. researchers found.

“Longevity Project participants who were the most cheerful and had the best sense of humor as kids lived shorter lives, on average, than those who were less cheerful and joking,” Martin said in a statement. “It was the most prudent and persistent individuals who stayed healthiest and lived the longest.”

Personally, I look forward to visiting justice upon the sons and the sons of sons of developers who mark defects RESOLVED-CAN’T REPRODUCE without following the steps in the defect.

One Response to “QA Immortal”

  1. kipsteele Says:

    Seriously. Works for me is the biggest gripe I have.

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