What We Have Here Is A Failure To Outputiate

A receipt from a car wash that accepts credit cards shows a stunning amount of inaccurate data:

Receipt from the car wash, beep beep, hah!

The name, address, and the approval number are all obviously dummy data. Should your system in production be outputting this? Of course not. But do you let the users–in this case, an installer or an administrator of the kiosk–just use the dummy data?

You see this trap sometimes when applications put the labels for controls as text in the controls themselves, such as an edit box that says “First Name” until you type into it. Sometimes, you’ll find the application will check to make sure the edit box is not empty, but the application is perfectly happy with “First Name” in it. The application is happy, but is the client happy that 50% of his registrations come from First Name Last Name of Address City State 55555? I think not. Don’t let them do it. Even if they’re trusted computer professionals.

Secondly, this is another reminder to check all your application’s outputs, QA. I know, that means sometimes getting up from the faintly warm glow of your monitor and the seat that has molded itself nicely to your backside, but if your application prints anything, you’d better make sure it looks good on paper (and on A4 paper if you’re pretending international use).

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