I Would Be Remiss If I Did Not Mention

My novel is now available:

John Donnelly's Gold cover

The book describes what happens when four IT workers get laid off from their Web travel company and decide to steal a gold bar that their CEO bought in a moment of largesse. I wrote it when I was working at a startup and characterized it at work as “a crime spree perpetuated by laid off employees against their bosses” to protect my own job security.

The book’s Web site is here. It’s currently available as a trade paperback and electronic download from Lulu.com, but iPad and Kindle editions are forthcoming.

Also, if anyone could suggest a good free defect tracker for me to put up at the book’s Web site, let me know. As some of you might have gauged from my Twitter posts, I had a hard time ending the rounds of copyediting. Every time I ran through the book, I found some other error. Weeks with 8 days, semiautomatic pistols turning into revolvers, alma maters changing. It’s enough to drive a QA guy crazy.

So if I get a good defect tracker installed, I’m going to let readers log defects for correction in a future edition.

But go, buy it, read it, and prepare your lines of attack.

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