A Quiz To Cross Your Eyes And Test Your Monitor

Here’s an interesting test for interactive QAers: a color acuity test that identifies how well you can differentiate between very close colors (or how old your monitor is).

Good color acuity comes in handy if you’re doing interactive QA especially, since clients are going to be very particular that the colors are the right match for their expensively consultant-determined Pantone colors, and if some intern fat fingers the CSS files, hilarity will ensue.

As some of you know, I spent some time in the printing industry, so I attribute that to my achieving a pretty good score of 18. Red Lewis, the printing plant foreman, though, he would have scored a negative number because that man could smell the differences in colors, word.

3 Responses to “A Quiz To Cross Your Eyes And Test Your Monitor”

  1. trevortests Says:

    I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head but it was worth it since I can now brag about my low score of 3.

  2. dsynadinos Says:

    Do you read the forums at randi.org? I just posted the same link to a thread there on 9/20. Coincidence? Just wondering…

    (I got a lousy 26)

  3. The Director Says:

    Coincidence. I don’t read randi.org.

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