About That Breadcrumb Trail On Your Home Page

Yeah, Journal Interactive, it doesn’t work:

Someone's eaten the breadcrumbs all up!

It’s a small oversight including this design element on the home page where it does not have the proper values to populate a breadcrumb trail. However, it’s on the front page. Of an interactive agency trying to court business.

In my experience, interactive agency Web sites fall into one of two categories:

  • They’re like the cars mechanics drive. If you know any low level mechanics working out of a double bay garage on the corner, a lot of times they drive the most motley-looking vehicles, older models that the mechanics hold together with the minimum amount of work and least amount of labor. They’re busy working on other peoples’ cars, see?
  • They’re modern art designed to impress other modern artists. I mean, come on, fully immersive Flash environments that take a minute to download, laden with chat features so other current Web site visitors can select their avatars, their home planets, and their space-themed usernames to chat with each other? Your basic navigation is star charting, with panel loads looking like interstellar travel? And what the devil is Hitler in a tutu supposed to represent, bad Web design? A shout-out to the film Little Nicky? I don’t get it, clients won’t get it, but day-um that sure looks pretty in your portfolio when you show it to a future employer.

Good to see Journal Interactive has the common touch, anyway.

Oh, lordy, they’ve made their logo not a link to their login page, but to their client Extranet login, which features more elaborate functions in the breadcrumb trail:

Someone's spit the breadcrumbs all up!

Layer on the first mistake what I would call a basic design error (The logo should link to the home page, not a login screen), and you’re not doing it right again. No, wait, they’ve got a login screen with a logon button. I’ll stop counting now.

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