It’s Just A Flesh Wound, the Internet site of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, lives up to its name this morning, as it serves up fatal errors for St. Louis Cardinals fans seeking heart:

Missed it by 24 bytes

Trying to allocate 42 bytes led to this fatal error.

Although configuration of the server and the processes in the ops department are not the purview normally of QA, as the normal harbinger of doom, you can always ask, “What happens if we run out of server memory?” and “What happens if the database logs fill up?” Load testing might find these, but if you’re testing in a staged environment that gets cleaned out after every test run, you’re going not going to find out what happens when the crud accumulates in the pipes through daily usage. But it will be your fault for not finding it in performance testing.

So ask the unthinkable questions just to get someone thinking about them.

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