Some QA Animals Are More Equal Than Others

Larry Tieman in Information Week talks about how to avoid career-killing software projects and mentions the importance of elevating QA to an equal position as development:

Testing the software is yet another opportunity to bring in an independent perspective and reduce risk. Several years ago, I converted an application VP position to a testing VP position and formed an independent test organization. My intention was to put testing on the same footing as development, improve the quality of critical software, and give me another voice in a project. That VP also reported directly to me.

As you might know, I’m a big proponent of this sort of organization, partly because I was in a similar position in my last full-time posting as a Director who reported directly to the CEO and got to unabashedly air grievances where they would be heard.

Your quality assurance should not just be a cog in your development wheel where the process keeps rolling regardless. QA should be a log in the wheel’s path. All right, go ahead, submit the defect report for failed metaphor. That’s not working.

But you get the idea, or at least you get my repetition of the theme. Hey, repetition…. QA is the rumble strip of software development…. Someone stop me before I metaph again.

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