The Most Basic QA: Someone Else

A do-it-yourself email communication shows a few flaws:

Text not inserted error.

You know what the most basic bit of quality assurance is? Having someone else look at it.

I know some smaller companies don’t have great budgets for proofreaders, testers, or professionals of any stripe to handle their client communication needs. Or maybe they have a marketing intern on staff. Whatever. Your organization should never send something out, particularly a formal communication, without someone other than the writer/designer reviewing it.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to send yourself the email before you blast it to the subscription list, since the missing text and extraneous nonbreaking-space-missing its-semicolon might not display in the WYSAWTS (What You See Ain’t What They See) editor that assembles your text, your logo, your custom text, and your address into the final product.

Come on, have someone else look at it. It’s what the professionals do.

2 Responses to “The Most Basic QA: Someone Else”

  1. Dez Says:

    Hah! I got that email. A friend of mine works in the front office for them. I told her about it and it should be fixed for their next round of emails.

  2. The Director Says:

    Way to pretend you’re not the one who forwarded it to me in the first place.

    Although, to be fair, I do have quite a following in Minnehsoda. I blame my accent, which apparently carries through not only in random moments in my speech but into my writing as well.

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