What’s An Invalid Character Between Trusting Partners?

In this case, it’s a JavaScript error:

Set partner UID to JavaScript Error

In this case, the partner passing an invalid character did not cause a catastrophic failure; instead, it spit up a JavaScript error and probably screwed up some user tracking metrics somewhere.

But what happens when your trusted partners pass your applications crap? And what’s with this “trusted” business? Your organization’s partners have less QA than you do. You need to test every little thing they pass to your application or Web site and make sure they won’t blow you up. Additionally, you need to test what happens when you pass things over there to make sure your mistakes won’t blow you up. And test to see what happens if your trusted partner isn’t there when you need it.

Any shared application programming interfaces, any interfaces period, require proper and suitable testing because software can fat-finger data, too. Just more efficiently and faster than humans.

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