I Hope They Tested That Installer

Ford owners getting a software update for their vehicles will have the chance to perform the software updates themselves:

If you’re on of the 300,000 or so customers out there with MyFord Touch, you’re already on the list to receive a USB flash drive containing the update. You’ll be able to do it yourself or take it to any dealership.

With this major upgrade, Ford is delivering on their promise to keep your tech up-to-date as long as you own the car. “Evolving the software with meaningful enhanced features was part of our plan from the very beginning. It’s no different than the experience with our smartphones and laptop computers – except now, it’s your car that gets better,” Jablonski added.

You can find tips on testing software installers here.

(Link seen here, along with the quip “Is it possible to brick an entire car? We’re about to find out.”)

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