When Search and Replace Becomes Search and Destroy

Content management systems, ya gotta love them. Unless, of course, you’re a professional quality assurance professional who likes to make sure that every i is dotted, t is crossed, and serial comma is twisted. Then CMS packages are scary. They allow just anyone to get in there and throw something up onto the Internet that the whole world can see and mock. I’ve often maintained that if you’re going to use CMS, you still need to have a two-person system at the very least. One to type it up and one to preview it.

To keep something like this from going where it will scare the innocent users:

Search and...destroy

As you can see, all the appearances of li have changed to p. Forensically speaking, we can ascertain that someone changed this from a bulleted list and used search-and-replace to do it.

Never, never, ever, do a blind search-and-replace on your text. And have someone else look at it before it’s scattered across the Internet.

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