Everybody Use Lower Case From Now On

Story: Hold those caps: The average web page is now almost 1MB:

Mobile broadband caps might not be putting the hurt on most mobile subscribers yet, but data usage is going to keep creeping up. And that’s without people doing any more actual browsing.

The HTTP Archive charted the growth of the average web page and found that average web pages have grown from 726 KB a year ago to 965 KB now. The 33 percent jump is due in large part to more images and third-party scripts like ads and analytics. Javascript content, spurred on by the rise of HTML5, has grown over the last year by 44.7 percent, according to analysis by Royal Pingdom.

I remember when 1Mb hard drives cost $1000, you damn kids. Before you were born.

But it does clarify an interesting point: The time your Web page takes to load isn’t the only metric you should check when you’re performance testing your mobile applications or even your regular Web site if you expect mobile users will access it.

Although your leadership might say, That’s okay, we’re not designing for mobile users, if your bloated Web site is chewing up their allocated bandwidth, they’re going to find someone more streamlined.

(Link via Tweet retweeted by Fred Beringer.)

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