Just When You Think You’ve Tried All The Date/Time Test Cases

The real world intercedes with something that would never happen in the real world:

THERE is no today in Samoa.

The tiny nation will jump forward in time as it crossed westward over the international dateline to align itself with its main trading partners throughout the region.

At the stroke of midnight on December 29, the time in Samoa will leap forward to December 31 – New Year’s Eve. For Samoa’s 186,000 citizens, Friday, December 30, 2011, will simply cease to exist.

I wonder how many automated processes melted down. Or are still going to melt down.

Remember to test all of your future applications that allow you to select a birthdate and country or a start/end date and country that this particular rule should exist.

Oh, man oh man, I can’t wait to log my first defect and start my first fight over it.

(Courtesy Trisherino.)

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