Unanticipated, Except For Those Who Anticipate Things

At a little after 7am this morning, I tweeted:

In about an hour, I’ll be participating in the crowd-sourced load testing of http://Packers.com http://bit.ly/ucICSO Good luck, everyone.

A couple of near-timeouts later and some really, really long load times, and I’m the proud owner of one share of Green Bay Packers stock. It’s fewer shares than I own of the startup where I used to work, but they’re worth about the same.

At any rate, two hours after I tweeted, the first news reports about the slow Web response time appeared:

On Twitter, fans were reporting that the it was difficult to access the website – www.packersowner.com – or the toll-free line: 855-8-GOPACK.

Murphy and other team officials said they anticipated there would be high demand. “Have patience,” Murphy told reporters at a news conference Tuesday morning. “Be patient.”

Who could have expected that this would have occurred? Anyone with dramatic Web launch experience.

UPDATE: More on that great tsunami here:

Sarah Johnson, 34, of Portage said it took her nearly 20 minutes to complete what should have been a 30-second process, but it was worth to wait.

The team received 1,600 orders in the first 11 minutes of the sale, said Packers president Mark Murphy, who had to reassure fans the Packers website was still working. Team spokesman Aaron Popkey said he did not have any sales data as of early Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s just a question of volume,” Murphy said. “Fans are excited about this opportunity. We just encourage fans to be patient.”

150 orders a minute. What, were they running it in development?

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