Now That’s Regressive

You know, when this blog first started, I used to noodle around existing Web sites, find errors on their Web forms, and do some commentary on them. I haven’t been in that habit for a while, so you might think the quality of applications in the wild has improved. Oh, but no.

Take the Progressive Insurance contact us form:

Flo's going to kill me for this, but....

Now, if you don’t select a topic before you click Submit, it asks for a topic. But only a topic

When Flo says it, does it sound like 'Toe pick' like that girl from The Cutting Edge?

When you select a topic, it changes the fields on the form to reflect what they want for that kind of inquiry (enquiry for our R.P. friends). If you click Submit then, it shows you a list of the fields you need to fill out:

That's to be expected

But if you click the Reset button to reset the form, well, that’s not cricket (cricket for our R.P. friends):

It's your fault, user: You clicked that button when we didn't expect it!

You know, any time your form changes the controls on the screen due to AJAX or other techniques, it’s a different form. And it never hurts to check your reset button in various forms of filling out the form, especially if there are look-ups or state changes as you fill out the form.

UPDATE: Welcome, Progressive Insurance readers!

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