The Novel Needs A Patch

Not my novel John Donnelly’s Gold. (Available for Kindle at 99 cents! Also in paperback!)

Rather, it’s one of the books based on the Mass Effect video games:

The recent release of Mass Effect: Deception, a new novel written by William C. Dietz and published by Del Rey, didn’t sit well with fans.

Upon its release, a lengthy Google document was created outlining many of the book’s errors. BioWare has since acknowledged the issue and is releasing a new version of the book with the errors corrected.

When I was revising my novel for publication, I found such errors as an eight day week, a semiautomatic pistol that changed to a revolver at its next appearance, and one unholy flaw of realism that remained in the book because I couldn’t write around it. And that’s working within the framework of my own creation, not a universe already created, populated, and maintained through a series of preceding video games, novels, and other interactive media.

The Google doc with the error list is awful long.

Which goes to prove: writers need editors, and by extension, developers should not test their own code.

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