This Just In: QA Employees Are The Best Employees Of All

According to Inc. Magazine, they are. The list from the article 8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees:

  1. They ignore job descriptions.

    QA employees are not only testers, but also programmers and systems administrators when they’re working in their labs. Also, they ignore the job descriptions and titles of other employees, particularly the implied prestige therein. I don’t care if you’re the Senior Vice President of Development. If we have a problem, you’re going to help me get it fixed.

  2. They’re eccentric…

    At the very least.

  3. But they know when to dial it back.

    Well, maybe QA employees are not perfect. But we know when to go from actively antagonistic to holding a grudge.

  4. They publicly praise…
  5. And they privately complain.

    Given our job description, these are toggled to some extent. Our jobs are to complain, but it’s important to let the people who do a good job know you know they’re doing a good job. But not publicly. It’s not a show, it’s a sign of respect.

  6. They speak when others won’t.

    That is what we do. Point out the obvious, too, since what’s obvious to someone might be obscure to others who are looking at their phones instead of paying attention.

  7. They like to prove others wrong.

    Heck, yeah.

  8. They’re always fiddling.

    Trying different things, poking, prodding, questioning, violating the laws of physics whenever the software lets us, that is testing.

    Unless this item refers to playing a stringed instrument with a bow while the project goes up in flames, in which case this is more of a project manager quality.

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