If Only Programming Were Something Bored Kids Could Do

Startups Aim to Make Coding Fun: The companies use video-game tricks to make people forget that they’re learning.

For Jacob Arriola, a business development manager for a Spanish media company in Los Angeles, learning to program wasn’t a necessity. But figuring it might help with his job, he started using an online code-tutorial service called Treehouse in January.

After three months with the paid service, he’s earned several dozen badges for completing programming quizzes and challenges, and watching coding-related video lessons. More importantly, he’s built his own website from scratch and made some simple changes to websites that his company runs. “I’m able to do it myself, which is pretty cool,” he says.

You know, QA has had something like for over 30 years now.

On the other hand, wouldn’t we all try just that much harder if we could put our initials into FogBugz?

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